Practice Areas

Practice Areas

Our CPAs and compliance officers assist clients in their corporate, tax, accounting and payroll needs.  

We offer an extensive range of legal services including : 


·         Business organization and registration

·         License and permit assistance

·         Corporate housekeeping

·         Tax compliance

·         Mergers and acquisitions 

·         Corporate and tax structuring

·         Tax assessments and protest

·         Cross Border Transactions

·         Transfer Pricing Study

·         Financial and legal due diligence

·         BSP and SEC compliance

·         Data Privacy compliance

·         Other regulatory compliances

    Our trademark specialists prepare strategies to help entrepreneurs protect their intellectual property rights.

    We offer an extensive range of legal services including :

    ·         Intellectual Property registration

    ·         Intellectual Property maintenance and renewal

    ·         Licensing and Franchise Agreement review

    ·         Due Diligence searches

    ·         Enforcement of Intellectual Property rights

    ·         Intellectual Property litigation 

    We provide assertive legal representation on all kinds of labor-related disputes and immigration concerns.

    We offer an extensive range of legal services including :

    ·        Counseling and personnel management

    ·         Salary negotiations

    ·         Employment contracts

    ·         Collective Bargaining Agreements 

    ·         Grievance handling

    ·         Compulsory arbitration 

    ·         Mediation cases

    ·         Unfair labor practices

    ·         Strikes

    ·         Enforcement of labor and employment laws before the :

     Bureau of Labor Relations (BLR)

      Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE)

      National Conciliation and Mediation Board (NCMB)

      National Labor Relations Commission (NLRC)

      Philippine Overseas and Employment Administration (POEA)

    Our seasoned litigators handle all stages of civil, commercial, administrative and criminal litigation in all courts of justice, administrative bodies and dispute resolution bodies.                          

    We offer an extensive range of legal services including :

    ·         Family and other matrimonial matters

    ·         Probate of wills

    ·         Settlement of estates

    ·         Property claims

    ·         Land registration

    ·         Banking and other commercial grievances

    ·         Insolvency and foreclosure proceedings

    ·         Intellectual property infringement

    ·         Intra-corporate disputes

    ·         Criminal prosecution and defense

    ·         Election controversies

    Retainer services include legal consultations and contract documentation relating to the routine operations of the client.

    Consultations cover advice on the pertinent laws, rules and regulations which may have legal implications on a client’s activities.

    Documentation covers the preparation, review and notarization of agreements and contracts.

    For purposes of mutual growth, we encourage clients to maintain a retainer agreement with the firm.

    Special projects refer to the more complex cases which require the services of two or more departments for the success of the undertaking.

    This normally occurs when a client has to deal with complicated legal issues  arising  from  complex  mergers  and / or multifaceted business arrangements involving local and foreign companies.

    Because of the intricacies involved when working on endeavors of this nature, it is the firm’s policy to require an update of all its special projects during the Management Committee’s weekly meetings.